Annual General Meeting

The 2018 Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Milton Minor Baseball Association (MMBA) will be held on Saturday, October 20th, 2018 at 10:00am at Hugh Foster Hall in Milton, Ontario.

In accordance with the MMBA Bylaws, all Members are encouraged and welcome to attend. Members are defined as parents/guardians with players who were registered in the MMBA for the 2018 season.

Date:  Saturday, October 20th, 2018
Time:  10:00am
Location:  Hugh Foster Hall, 141 King St, Milton, ON

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Rep/Select Callbacks

*** Update for September 29th ***

Change Log:

9/29:  Final roster for Rookie Select (2010-2011 born) added.

9/26:  Callbacks for Rookie Select added.

9/25 (2nd entry):  Final Roster for Peewee Select added.

9/25:  Mosquito Select (2008-2009 born) callbacks added.

9/24:  Final roster for Bantam Select (2005/14U only) added.

9/23:  Callbacks for Peewee Select added.  Final roster for 13U (Major Peewee) T1, Bantam Select (2004/15U only) added.

9/21:  Final roster for 11U (Minor Peewee) T1, 11U (Minor Peewee) T2, and 12U (Minor Peewee) T2 added.

9/20:  Final roster for 12U (Minor Peewee) T1 added.

9/19 (2nd entry):  Callbacks for Bantam Select September 20th tryout added.

9/19:  Final roster for 8U (Minor Rookie), 9U (Major Rookie), 10U (Minor Mosquito) T1, 10U (Minor Mosquito) T2, and 13U (Major Peewee) added.

9/16:  Callbacks for Bantam Select September 17th tryout added.

9/14:  Next round of callbacks for 14U (Minor Bantam) September 19th tryout added.  Please remember, all Candidates from 14U (Minor Bantam) that did not get a callback are invited to come out to the Bantam Select tryouts, starting Sept 15.  Please see Tryouts Update Pagefor more details!

9/9:  Callbacks for 8u (Minor Rookie), 9u (Major Rookie), 10u (Minor Mosquito), 11u (Major Mosquito),12u (Minor Peewee), 13u (Major Peewee) added.

9/8:  Callbacks for 14U (Minor Bantam) September 10th tryout added.

2019 Rep/Select Callbacks

8u (Minor Rookie) 2011 born
Roster for 2019:  2079, 2133, 2222, 2425, 2674, 2714, 2799, 2869, 2875, 3001, 3288, 3866Callbacks for Rookie Select TBD
9u (Major Rookie) 2010 born
Roster for 2019:  2358, 2936, 3420, 3922, 4014, 4196, 4222, 4275, 4278, 4287, 4352, 4366Callbacks for Rookie Select TBD
Rookie Select – 2010-2011 born
Roster for 2019:  2107, 2139, 2362, 2549, 2580, 2652, 2906, 2942, 3798, 3924, 4091, 4216
10u (Minor Mosquito) 2009 born
T1 Roster for 2019:  241, 2100, 2285, 3867, 3870, 3873,, 4035, 4041, 4117, 4152, 4243, 4356T2 Roster for 2019:  2309, 2773, 2879, 2946, 3085, 3797,, 3825, 3828, 3833, 4089, 4699, 4703Callbacks for Mosquito Select TBD
11u (Major Mosquito) 2008 born
T1 Roster for 2019:  2837, 3800, 3803, 3940, 4003, 4029, 4034, 4067, 4150, 4336, 4357, 4604T2 Roster for 2019:  2839, 2840, 2955, 3041, 3129, 3262, 4069, 4233, 4254, 4392, 4710, 4756Callbacks for Mosquito Select TBD
Mosquito Select – 2008-2009 born
Callbacks for Sept 26:  2083, 2198, 2259, 2409, 2411, 2473, 2672, 2842, 3006, 3165, 3196, 3205, 3562, 4237, 4690, 4718
12u (Minor Peewee) 2007 born
T1 Roster for 2019:  2306, 3761,3766, 3790, 3871, 4151, 4215, 4273, 4286, 4758, 4766, 4770T2 Roster for 2019:  93, 3767, 4040, 4053, 4082, 4157, 4174, 4271, 4386, 4413, 4437, 4715
13u (Major Peewee) 2006 born
T1 Roster for 2019:  3215, 4202, 4211, 4238, 4307, 4338, 4378, 4354, 4362, 4719, 4735, 4749T2 Roster for 2019:  2261, 3799, 3808, 3918, 3999, 4018, 4049, 4184, 4207, 4234, 4303, 4350
Peewee Select – 2006-2007 born
Roster for 2019:  2677, 2786, 2818, 3811, 3838, 3921, 3986, 4251, 4274, 4402, 4595, 4683
14U (Minor Bantam) 2005 born
T1 Callbacks for Sept 19:  908, 2500, 3247, 3814, 3857, 4013, 4123, 4180, 4187, 4276, 4385, 4389, 4686, 4708, 4730
Bantam Select – 2004-2005 born
2004 (15U) Roster for 2019:  2418, 2522, 3116, 3422, 3932, 4090, 4284, 4412, 4542, 4712, 47652005 (14U) Roster for 2019:  908, 2500, 2585, 3806, 3832, 4013, 4076, 4212, 4686, 4708, 4721, 4730
16U & 18U (Minor & Major Midget) 2001-2003 born
Callbacks for TBD:
Please stay tuned to this page for more updates!

Rep/Select Tryouts Update

*** Update for September 26th ***

Change Log:

9/26:  Addtional Rookie Select Tryout (2010-2011 born) has been added for September 27th at Maplehurst, 5:30pm to 7:30pm.

9/24:  Addtional Peewee Select Tryout (2006-2007 born) has been added for September 24th at Maplehurst, 6-8pm.

9/19:  Rookie Select Tryout end time has been corrected (ie 12pm).

9/18:  Rookie Select Tryout venue has been moved to Maplehurst.

9/17:  Select Tryout dates for Rookie, Mosquito, and Peewee have been added.

9/15:  September 15 Peewee tryouts have been cancelled.

9/10:  Minor Mosquito tryout scheduled for September 11 has been moved to Lions Park #3(was previously changed to Maplehurst).  14U (Bantam) tryouts for Sept 10 have been cancelled due to rain.

9/7:  Minor Peewee tryout dates and times have been updated.  Major Peewee tryout dates and times have been updated.  Two dates added to Minor & Major Midget (Sept 11 and 13).  See chart below for details.

9/5:  Minor Mosquito tryout date of Wednesday, September 12 has been moved to Tuesday, September 11.  Bantam Select tryout dates of September 17th and 20th added.

9/4:  Tryouts for all Rep age groups are now set and posted below.  A fourth date has been added to the 14u Rep Tryout.  The 2004/2005 Bantam Select team tryout info has also been set and posted in the Schedule Below.  The remainder of the Select tryout dates will be posted near the close of the rep tryout period.  Note: there is one fee for both Rep and Select so you are encouraged to attend both levels.

8/28:  Tryouts for 14U (Minor Bantam, 2005 born), 16U (Minor Midget, 2003 born) and the 18U (Midget, 2001 and 2002 born) have been set and are listed in the schedule below.  The dates for other age groups will be set upon completion of Rep/Select coach interviews later this week.

2019 Rep/Select Tryouts Schedule

8u (Minor Rookie) 2011 born
September 8, 9, 15, and 16
Rotary Park 1
9u (Major Rookie) 2010 born
September 8, 9, 15, and 16
Rotary Park 1
Rookie Select – 2010-2011 born
September 23, 9am-12pm
September 25, 5:30pm-7:30pm
September 27, 5:30pm-7:30pm
10u (Minor Mosquito) 2009 born
September 8, 9am-12pm, Bronte Meadows
September 9, 1pm-4pm, Maplehurst
September 11, 6pm-8pm, Lions Park #3
September 14, 6pm-8pm, Bronte Meadows (if needed)
11u (Major Mosquito) 2008 born
September 8, 9, 15, and 16
Bronte Meadows
Mosquito Select – 2008-2009 born
Sept 23, 9am-11am
Sept 24, 6pm-7:30pm
Sept 26, 6pm-7:30pm
Lions Park 2
12u (Minor Peewee) 2007 born
September 8 and 9
September 12 and 18
Brian Best 1
13u (Major Peewee) 2006 born
September 8, 9
September 13
September 15 – Cancelled!
Brian Best 1
Peewee Select – 2006 – 2007 born
Sept 22, 3pm-5pm, Brian Best 1
Sept 23, 9am-11am, Brian Best 1
Sept 24, 6pm-8pm, Maplehurst
Peewee Select (13u) – 2006 born
Sept 22, 12pm-2pm
Sept 23, 12pm-2pm
Brian Best 1
14U (Minor Bantam) 2005 born
September 5, 12, and 19
6:00pm – 8:30pm
Community Park 1
Bantam Select – 2004-2005 born
September 15
September 17 and 20
Community Park 1
16U & 18U (Minor & Major Midget) 2001-2003 born
September 4 and 6
6:00pm – 8:30pm
September 11 and 13
6:00pm – 8:30pm
Community Park 2

Please be sure to register online if you haven’t already done so.

Cost of registration per player is $20.  This fee covers all attended tryouts.  Note, for players that had previously attended a previously paid July/August EBLO tryout, no additional fee is required.

It is highly recommended that you attend all available tryouts.  Players will be evaluated by age group (ie all players will be evaluated as a single age group rather than as separate “Rep” and “Select” groups).

Click here to register

Please stay tuned to this page for more updates!


A number of our Mets teams are heading to various parts of Ontario to compete in their respective Provincials this weekend!  Reaching the Provincials is a goal that many teams set for themselves at the start of their season so a huge congrats to those who have achieved their goal!  Best of luck to you all!

For the first time ever, BaseballMilton will be hosting our first ever Provincials.  We will be hosting the Bantam Select division and games will be played at Community Park and at Glen Abbey Park (thanks Oakville for lending your field) all weekend starting tonight at 5pm!  This would not have been possible had it not been for the solid commit from the BaseballMilton Board of Directors, our volunteers, and the parents of our Bantam Select team who will be making sure that the fields are in tip top shape for the games.

Our organization has taken on a number of initiatives this past year that we are particularly proud of and hosting our first ever provincials is a great way to punctuate a very ambitious year!  If you’re around this weekend, come on out and catch the action!

Here is a short writeup about the Bantam Select team, by Doug Harrison, one of the Bantam Select parents:

The Milton Mets will attempt to make it back-to-back Bantam titles when they host the Select Ontario Baseball Association championship on the weekend.Milton enters the tournament well rested and determined to duplicate the performance of last year’s team, which posted a 5-0 record and defeated Muskoka in the final. “The challenges in a double-knockout format will be managing the pitching effectively,” says Mets head coach Steve Atrill, whose 12-member squad went 18-2 in the regular season and is 37-4 overall. “Our strengths will be starting pitching and a punishing offence.” The Mets, who won a pair of tournaments this season and lost in the championship round at two others, begin the 12-team event on Friday against North York at 5 p.m. If Milton wins, Welland or Peterborough would provide the competition at 11 a.m. on Saturday, while a loss would put the Mets in a must-win contest at 8:30 a.m. against one of those clubs. Should the Mets advance, they would play at 2 p.m. or 8 p.m. All of Milton’s games will be played at the Community Park diamonds. Two of the Mets’ losses this season have come against teams in this tournament. Markham outlasted Milton 6-5 in Vaughan, while the Mets split two games against the Oakville Whitecaps, losing in the final of the latter’s tourney.

Tournament Schedule:

 DiamondDateTimeG# Team vs Team  
 Community Park 18/31/20185:00: PM1 Welland   Peterborough  
 Community Park 28/31/20185:00: PM2 Milton   North York  
 Glen Abbey8/31/20185:00: PM3 Oakville LL   Richmond Hill  
 Community Park 18/31/20188:00: PM4 Halton Hills   Waterloo  
 Community Park 28/31/20188:00: PM5 Markham   Valley East  
 Glen Abbey8/31/20188:00: PM6 Flesherton   Annette  
 Community Park 19/1/20188:30: AM7 L1   L2  
 Glen Abbey9/1/20188:30: AM8 L3   L4  
 Community Park 29/1/20188:30: AM9 L5   L6  
 Community Park 19/1/201811:00: AM10 W1   W2  
 Glen Abbey9/1/201811:00: AM11 W3   W4  
 Community Park 29/1/201811:00: AM12 W5   W6  
 Community Park 19/1/20182:00: PM13 W7   W8  
 Community Park 29/1/20182:00: PM14 W9   L10  
 Glen Abbey9/1/20183:00: PM15 L11   L12  
 Community Park 19/1/20185:00: PM16 W11   W12  
 Community Park 29/1/20185:00: PM17 W13   W14  
 Community Park 19/1/20188:00: PM18 W15   L16  
 Community Park 29/1/20188:00: PM19 W10   W16  
 Community Park 19/2/20189:00: AM20 ** 4 remaining teams – avoid previous match-ups or a draw is required if not possible. **  
 Community Park 29/2/20189:00: AM21   
 Community Park 29/2/201812:30: PM22 W20   W21  
 Community Park 29/2/20183:30: PM23 Played if required for double knockout  

Champ Day 2018: Thank you and Congratulations!

Thank you all to those that participated in Champ Day!  Whether you were a player, a coach, a volunteer, or a fan, we’d like to acknowledge your involvement in and contribution to our baseball community.

For the second year in a row the rain attempted to set our plans in disarray again and for the second year in a row we, collectively, were able to adjust in order to get all but one game in.  Considering we are now at 1200 players, over 80 teams, this is no small feat!  Thank you all for your patience and your efforts to keep the ball rolling!

We’d love to see your photographs from Champ Day.  Please tweet us (@baseballmilton) or tag in us on Facebook (also @baseballmilton) with your pics!

Congrats to all of the winners of the Junior Skill competitions and to the Champs at each division.  Looking forward to watching your continued development over the off-season and into next year!

As always, a huge shout out to all of our House League coaches this past year for providing leadership and guidance to our players and huge thank you also goes out to our parents and guardians for your support!

We look forward to seeing you all next year!

Yours in Baseball,

BASEBALLMILTON Board of Directors

Registration for Tryout Prep Clinics Now Open!

New this year, BaseballMilton is offering Tryout Prep Clinics in advance of September’s Rep and Select Tryouts!

  • These clinics are available to all 2018 BaseballMilton registrants who will be of Rookie, Mosquito, Peewee, or Bantam age in 2019.
  • The clinics will be run by Dirtbag Baseball Nation with BaseballMilton providing oversight.
  • The clinics are organized by age group and skillset (see charts below).
  • The clinics will be hosted at Beaty Park.
  • The cost is $25 per clinic.
  • You are welcome to sign up to as many clinics as you wish.
  • PLEASE NOTE: age group eligibility outlined below is based on your player’s 2019 age.

Register Now!

Monday, August 27, 20186pmBeaty ParkCatching10 to 12
 7pmBeaty ParkCatching13 to 15
Tuesday, August 28, 20186pmBeaty ParkCatching10 to 12
 7pmBeaty ParkCatching13 to 15
Wednesday, August 29, 20186pmBeaty ParkCatching10 to 12
 7pmBeaty ParkCatching13 to 15
Thursday, August 30, 20186pmBeaty ParkCatching10 to 12
 7pmBeaty ParkCatching13 to 15
Tuesday, September 4, 20186pmBeaty ParkCatching10 to 12
 7pmBeaty ParkCatching13 to 15
Wednesday, September 5, 20186pmBeaty ParkCatching10 to 12
 7pmBeaty ParkCatching13 to 15
Thursday, September 6, 20186pmBeaty ParkCatching10 to 12
 7pmBeaty ParkCatching13 to 15
Monday, August 27, 20186pmBeaty ParkPitching10 to 12
 7pmBeaty ParkPitching13 to 15
Tuesday, August 28, 20186pmBeaty ParkPitching10 to 12
 7pmBeaty ParkPitching13 to 15
Wednesday, August 29, 20186pmBeaty ParkPitching10 to 12
 7pmBeaty ParkPitching13 to 15
Thursday, August 30, 20186pmBeaty ParkPitching10 to 12
 7pmBeaty ParkPitching13 to 15
Tuesday, September 4, 20186pmBeaty ParkPitching10 to 12
 7pmBeaty ParkPitching13 to 15
Wednesday, September 5, 20186pmBeaty ParkPitching10 to 12
 7pmBeaty ParkPitching13 to 15
Thursday, September 6, 20186pmBeaty ParkPitching10 to 12
 7pmBeaty ParkPitching13 to 15
Monday, August 27, 20186pmBeaty ParkHitting8 to 11
 7pmBeaty ParkHitting12 to 15
Tuesday, August 28, 20186pmBeaty ParkHitting8 to 11
 7pmBeaty ParkHitting12 to 15
Wednesday, August 29, 20186pmBeaty ParkHitting8 to 11
 7pmBeaty ParkHitting12 to 15
Thursday, August 30, 20186pmBeaty ParkHitting8 to 11
 7pmBeaty ParkHitting12 to 15
Tuesday, September 4, 20186pmBeaty ParkHitting8 to 11
 7pmBeaty ParkHitting12 to 15
Wednesday, September 5, 20186pmBeaty ParkHitting8 to 11
 7pmBeaty ParkHitting12 to 15
Thursday, September 6, 20186pmBeaty ParkHitting8 to 11
 7pmBeaty ParkHitting12 to 15

UPDATED: Additional Dates for EBLO 16u and 18u Tryouts

Please note the 16u tryout originally scheduled for August 16 has been rescheduled for August 23.

Additional dates for the 16u and 18u Milton Mets Elite team tryouts are as follows:


  • Thursday August 9, 6:00pm – 8:00pm (combined with 18u)
  • Wednesday August 22, 8:30pm – 10:30pm @ Community Park #2


  • Thursday August 2, 6:00pm – 8:00pm
  • Thursday August 9, 6:00pm – 8:00pm (combined with 16u)


Community Park
805 Santa Maria Blvd
Milton, ON


  • Tryout fee is $20, payable on site, and covers all available dates
  • No additional fee if you’ve registered at a previous tryout
  • While attendance at every posted tryout date is not required, attendance to at least one approved workout, as per BaseballMilton, is mandatory

If you have any queries, please contact Rick Malinowski, Director of Rep and Select

Best of luck to all prospective players!

2019 Rep & Select Tryout Registration Is Now Open!

Online Registration for the 2019 Rep and Select Tryouts is now open!  If you are interested trying out for our Rep or Select teams, please register through the link below.  The tryout fee is $20 (regardless of Rep Only, Select Only, or both).

Note that registration is age group specific (ie Minor Rookie to Midget).  If you intend on trying out for an older age group, please advise Rick Malinowski ( and Patti Buckley ( via email.

We strongly encourage that you register online to ensure that our evaluators have your information in advance.

Tryout dates will be provided online and via email as we get closer to September.

Best of luck to all that come out!

Register Now!