Inspiration, Participation, Commitment

These are just three of the values BASEBALLMILTON helps teach kids through team sport and individual achievement. They are also the backbone for being able to provide almost 1,000 kids with such a successful program year after year. The success of the program is dependent not only on all of the volunteers who dedicate their time, energy and passion for the game and helping others enjoy baseball as much as they do, but from financial sponsorship from local businesses, like yours, who understand the need for mental, physical and social development of our community’s children.

Benefits of House League Baseball

  • promotes a healthy lifestyle through physical activity
  • develops a sense of teamwork
  • teaches the skills and understanding of the game of baseball
  • teaches kids to excel as individuals yet rely upon the capable assistance of teammates
  • teaches valuable lessons in fair competition and sportsmanship
  • rewards excellence but doesn’t criticize failure
  • provides a venue for parent-youth participation on and off the diamond
  • provides kids with the opportunity to have fun and make friends

BASEBALLMILTON needs your help to keep expenses at a level that will allow us to provide the Milton community with a baseball program. The costs of equipment, uniforms, field lights, umpires, permits, insurance and league logistics increase every year, and without the help of local business and individual sponsors such as your organization, many families simply can NOT afford to have their children play. Past success of Baseball in Milton has seen an increase in the number of kids wanting to play baseball. As we try to include all those who want to play the logistics and costs increase and BASEBALLMILTON needs to find additional funds so not to turn these kids away.

As a House League Sponsor ($250.00) you will receive recognition in many ways:

  • Business recognition on Team Uniforms (Company Name in block letters only)
  • Team Photo Plaque
  • Invitation to Champ Day with free meal ticket
  • Tax Receipt

Your 2020 BASEBALLMILTON House League Sponsorship cheque can be made payable to:

MMBA (Milton Minor Baseball Association)

Additional Information:

  • Cheques can be mailed to: MMBA c/o 535 Moorelands Cres, Milton, Ontario L9T 4B2
  • Alternatively, arrangements can be made for picking up your cheque
  • Should you have any questions, please contact Patti Buckley at: vpmiltonbaseball@gmail.com

On behalf of the children of Milton who are either just starting their baseball careers or who have been beneficiaries for years of all the enjoyment baseball has to offer, we would like to thank you for your Inspiration, Participation, and Commitment.

Sponsorship Application

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