The DirtBag Report for June 1: One BaseballMilton

Hey hey all you Milton Mets & DirtBags, Welcome back to this weeks column of The DirtBag Report.  As always, Braydon, Nolan and I are excited to see all the great things happening with Baseball Milton in the early goings of your 2018 seasons.  From tournaments to the 3 young pitchers on the Mosquito Rep team who threw a combined “No Hitter” this past week.  Congratulations to everyone! In my last DirtBag Report I was discussing building trust in all your players, coaches, parents and fans in general and this week I’m going to talk about building, sharing and maintaining a Culture throughout all of Baseball Milton.  I know from years of experience, both positively and negatively, that having a Culture can create sustainable success and without having a Culture it can destroy any chance at success.  We believe in our own Culture so much that we used the word “DirtBag” in our business name.  Now, we realize that people outside of baseball automatically stop paying attention as soon as they see or hear the name because of the main stream impression of what a DirtBag is.  We could’ve settled or giving into the naysayers and called it something nice like Always Having Fun at All Costs Baseball Nation, but then we would have presented a Culture that wasn’t 100% what we believe in and that would’ve caused us to wake up everyday doing something we didn’t want to.  Therefore our culture would’ve ultimately ruined us because it would’ve been based on what we perceived others wanted and that’s wrong.  What we’ve learned is that once we have the chance to tell what a DirtBag is in baseball, every single person loves it, respects it, understands it and wants to be a part of it because we then go out and actually show them that we live and breathe it on the field and off.  That’s our culture and we are are building this culture into Baseball Milton.  We want everyone that’s involved in Baseball Milton to be a part of it.  Once you’re truly committed to this culture, you are held to a higher standard personally as well as holding others who wear the Baseball Milton and DirtBag apparel to these same standards! I want to share with all of you the culture we have implemented here at Baseball Milton.  It’s the same culture whether you’re a player, a coach, a parent, an umpire, a fan and even the Board of Directors. We call it “1 Baseball Milton” 1. 1 Baseball Milton Culture means that every player, coach and parent will be treated, trained and held to the same expectations.  We don’t differentiate between House League or Rep players because our culture is to develop everyone the same.  With this culture and mindset, every player, coach and parent now has the same opportunity to become the best baseball player or coach they want too become. 2. This 1 Baseball Milton Culture means that everyone who plays baseball in Milton is encouraged and expected to engage and participate with a 1 Baseball Milton mindset as we move forward. 3.  We have identified what we believe in and why it’s important throughout all of Baseball Milton.  At first, this was a big obstacle to overcome until we had the time to break it down and be able to explain and show how important every area of building this Culture is.  We will continue to succeed if everyone involved buys into this culture of 1 Baseball Milton.  We need all of you to be “Open Minded” about what we’re building throughout all of Baseball Milton. 4.  2017-18 saw us implement an off season House League player/Coach Development Program held Sundays at The Milton Soccer Center.  This Spring, we ran a two week Spring Training for all House League teams Tyke-PeeWee.  Both of these, were tremendous and we’ve already begun plans to expand them moving forward.  We also ran a College Prep program for any high school aged player with training on Sat. And Sundays.  As part of this program players/parents also went to watch 2 Canadian University baseball games, spoke with the coaches, visited an American College, where they had a workout with the coaches, school tour and question/answer period last fall.  We took a Florida Spring Training trip over March Break, where the players practiced and played daily, we toured the Toronto Blue Jays Minor League Spring Training complex and watched a game.  In June, we will be going to a showcase in Pennsylvania where the players will play 4 games at Slippery Rock University.  Baseball Milton will be starting 2 new teams in Sept. that will be a part of the Elite League of Ontario Baseball.  We will have teams at Midget and Bantam and the tryouts will be in July.  We are also evaluating all possible training programs moving forward to make sure we are doing the best we can with the resources we have. 5. Just like our actions must represent our 1 Baseball Milton Culture, so must all of yours. 6.  The success of 1 Baseball Milton Culture will continue to be reinforced, valued, lived and fought for, so that we can provide the best baseball experience possible for everyone. We ask you to follow us as we move forward through the 2018 summer season, into the fall tryouts and years ahead.  We don’t want you to just think 1 Baseball Milton during the summers, we want you to think and talk 1 Baseball Milton year round.  We want everyone in Milton and the surrounding areas to know that Baseball Milton is the best Minor Sports Association hands down because we are ALL FOR ONE AND ONE FOR ALL! I’m Kirk McNabb of DirtBag Baseball Nation and we thank you as always for being a part of 1 Baseball Milton.  Please follow Baseball Milton on Twitter & Facebook @baseballmilton and you can follow us at DirtBag Baseball Nation on Facebook & Instagram @dirtbagbaseballnation as well as on Twitter @DbagBsBNation.  You can always contact us directly at  You have my guarantee that Nolan, Braydon or myself will personally respond.  Both Baseball Milton and us here at DirtBag Baseball Nation invite you to send us any game action photos of yourself or your teammates so that we can post them on our social media accounts.  Come on 1 Baseball Milton and let’s blow this thing up! Until next week, Get Up, Get After It and Get Dirty!

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