The Dirtbag Report for May 1, 2018: Building a DirtBag Mentality – Let’s Get Your Mind Right

Hello Baseball Milton,

Now that the 2018 season has officially opened Nolan, Braydon and myself will be sharing with all of you our insight on a variety of baseball topics that we base DirtBag Baseball Nation on as well as keeping you updated on our ongoing development right here with Baseball Milton. We hope you enjoy our articles and we invite anyone involved with Baseball Milton to reach out to us if you have any questions or have issues or topics you’d like us to talk about right here on The DirtBag Report! We will be sending in a report weekly throughout the season, so please make sure to follow along at, on Facebook and Twitter @baseballmilton. You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram @dirtbagbaseballnation, Twitter @DBagBsBNation and then our website is We encourage anybody and everybody to comment or contact us at if you ever want to discuss any of the topics or subjects we talk about here on The DirtBag Report. All we ask is that if you are going to comment with a differing opinion, that you use common sense and do it respectfully because people of all ages could be seeing and reading it.

First off, I want to thank all of the players, families and coaches who participated in our Winter House League Player and Coach Development Program. For it being the first year of this program, Lloyd (Baseball Milton President), Dave Clark (Director of Player/Coach Development, Baseball Milton) and us can honestly say it was a great success and a ton of fun! We have already started making plans for the Fall and next Winter. We will be providing updates towards the end of the summer season on what can be expected for all players, coaches and more than likely you too parents.

Now, let’s get talking about getting all you players, coaches and parents to understand the importance of having the right mindset for this game of baseball as we get into the season. Getting your mind right will allow you the ability to remember why we ultimately play this game, coach the game, played the game or want our kids to play this game.

Baseball is fun, tough, rewarding, frustrating and a whole whack of other emotions in every game or practice and it’s important to always take a second and just remind yourself why you love it so much and want to be involved. That’s our starting point and our request of all of you for this week. Take some time to think about why you truly want to be a part of this game in any way, shape or form.

Nolan, Braydon and myself highly recommend writing it down as a cheat sheet to have for those times you’re feeling frustrated as a player, coach, parent and yes even as an umpire. It’s at these times it will be very useful in having your cheat sheet or mentally remembering the things you love about baseball, so that you don’t say or do something you will end up being embarrassed about later! I’m constantly reminding players, parents and coaches that Baseball is a journey, not a sprint!

Unfortunately, we live in a world of instant gratification and this is destroying Sports in general because if we don’t get the results we want immediately then we instantly blame someone else. We’re not learning to hold ourselves accountable, we’re not learning that it’s ourselves who ultimately are responsible for everything we do, every single day.

We all know right and wrong but if we aren’t allowed to learn how to win or succeed or lose or fail on our own, then we will never learn how to have full trust in ourselves to figure out why we won/lost or succeeded/failed. This has a huge impact on a person’s mindset, especially players because no matter what their age is, they will always be going through many different stages of life issues every single day.

Don’t forget that youth players are not only playing for themselves but also for you as parents, that’s why you’ll see them look up into the crowd for mom, dad, grandma or grandpa. They need that feeling of trust that they can come to us with anything at anytime and that we will support them and help guide them through it. Let them know it might not be easy but we’ll get through it together. Our goal is to help build a 1 Baseball Milton Culture (more on this in the coming weeks) just like we have at DirtBag Baseball Nation.

We have already started M-E-T-S and we don’t plan on stopping because we make great ball players, coaches and parents as well as great human beings. It starts with one and then it grows from there, so if you ever want to dive deeper into our Mindset Builder Program, please contact us directly at and we will move forward with full trust and confidentiality. I’m Kirk McNabb of DirtBag Baseball Nation and we can’t thank all of you DirtBags enough for following us on Facebook and Instagram @DirtBagbaseballnation. If you want to be a DirtBag like us, then you need to “GetUp” “GetAfterIt” and “GetDirty”.

Kirk McNabb
Dirtbag Baseball Nation

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