The DirtBag Report For May 16: Building Trust One Player, Coach and Parent at a Time

Hey hey all you DirtBags and Milton Mets, I’m Kirk McNabb of DirtBag Baseball Nation and I want to thank everyone who called me or wrote me in regards to last week’s report.  I was very excited to receive your emails and comments in regards to our off season Player Development Program as well as our initial House League Spring Training.  You obviously care as much as Lloyd, Dave and I about the overall development of your son or daughter’s baseball experience!  We get all jacked up here at DirtBag Baseball Nation when we receive these types of emails as well as the face to face dialogue and comments from all of you passionate parents, coaches and players.  If we haven’t met you in person yet, then we definitely look forward to it and if we have met you at one of our training and development clinics, you’ll know full well that OUR FIRST GOAL IS TO BUILD TRUST with you as an individual and that’s what I’m talking about this week here in The DirtBag Report. If you’re thinking, we know this Kirk, so why are you telling us?  I’m telling you because I see parents, coaches and trainers fail at this routinely.  You can not take TRUSTfor granted because once TRUST is lost between you and your player or you and your child, you create doubt and confusion in their mind.  Remember that we are talking about youth athletes that are going through a variety of social issues everyday.  They are always looking to you as a coach and you as their parents for guidance and will trust you until you give them a reason not to be trusted.  They may be young but they’re also very smart in that they know and can tell when you care about them or not.  Trust me now when I say telling them the truth even when it might hurt their feelings temporarily, holding them accountable for being a good teammate, doing their chores or no baseball, being respectful at all times and flat out communicating with them that you want to make them the best they can become.  Let them know that sometimes that means they may not like what they hear.  Educate them that you’re not going to tell them it’s okay if it’s not okay.  Do not fall into the trap of not telling them the truth in order to prevent an argument or telling them it’s okay when it’s not!  Doing that will ultimately backfire on you and you will have no one to blame but yourself.  Another huge component in earning and keeping their trust when communicating regularly with them, is being consistent about how you communicate with them and the rest of the team.  You will develop a strong confident player that will have trust in you and will have better personal results because of this trust.  I see it happen all the time with the players, coaches and parents we work with and that’s why I’m stressing this to all of you! Don’t forget that youth players are not only playing for themselves but also for you as parents and coaches and that’s why you’ll see them look up into the crowd for mom, dad, grandma or grandpa. They need that feeling of trust that they can come to us with anything at anytime and that we will support them and help guide them through it. Let them know it might not be easy but we’ll get through it together. Speaking of trust, one of our goals for Baseball Milton is to help build a 1 Baseball Milton Culture (more on this in the coming weeks) just like we have at DirtBag Baseball Nation.

We have already started M-E-T-S and we don’t plan on stopping, so if you haven’t worked with us yet, what are you waiting for?  We make great ball players, coaches and parents as well as great human beings. It starts with one and then it grows from there, so if you ever want to dive deeper into any of our Programs, please contact us directly at or at 226-821-2402 and we will move forward with full trust and confidentiality.  I’m Kirk McNabb of DirtBag Baseball Nation and we can’t thank all of you DirtBags and Milton Mets enough for following us on Facebook and Instagram @Dirtbagbaseballnation as well as Twitter @DbagBsBNation.  You too can be a DirtBag just like Nolan, Braydon and I as long as you’re willing to “GetUp” “GetAfterIt” and “GetDirty” every single day!

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